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Olympic Games Case Study: BP

Helping Olympic Sponsors capture memorable moments

BP was an official sponsor of the London 2012 Summer Olympic & Paralympic Games. They hosted almost 5,000 guests at hospitality events during the Games. Because of this, they wanted imagery to give everyone who attended their events, as a value‑add memento. Due to the complex nature of the program and the logistics involved in capturing imagery, varying accreditation was necessary.

Additionally, BP needed a platform for guests to be able to access the images and download to share with friends and family.

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How we helped

Getty Images provided 5 accredited photographers to BP across the Games with access to the venues as well as BP’s Hospitality center in the Olympic Park. By creating a unique Media Manager site for BP, these assets were managed and categorized for ease of use.

This end‑to‑end solution resulted in over 11,000 captured and organized assets. The assets were easily accessible to guests and several images were featured in the official BP London 2012 Commemorative Book.