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Archival calendar

Photographs and video of past and present world events, anniversaries, and personalities. Use the calendar as a planning tool—select a date to view archival images and clips handpicked by our editors.


January 29, 2019 (2 events)

  • The cover of life magazine features a photograph of australianborn picture id53298281?s=170x170

    UNS: 29th January 1939 - Author Germaine Greer Born On This Day

    20 images
  • Oprah winfrey attends the ee british academy film awards 2014 at the picture id469766155?s=170x170

    UNS: 29th January 1954 - Oprah Winfrey Born On This Day

    30 images

January 30, 2019 (2 events)

  • American photographer linda mccartney sitting beside english musician picture id1124607187?s=170x170

    GBR: 30th January 1969: The Beatles Play Their Final Show

    5 images
  • Image of a man standing in knee deep snow next to a parked halfburied picture id89730553?s=170x170

    UNS: Where Winter Meets Its Match - Chicago In Snow And Ice

    30 images

January 31, 2019 (9 events)

  • Le ghetto de jeunes afroamricains trs lgants en costume et chemise se picture id166484558?s=170x170

    NY: Jack Garofalo's Vision of Harlem - Inspiration for the film "If Beale Street Could Talk"

    16 images
  •  video id2028 16?s=170x170

    UNS: 100 Years Since Birth Of Jackie Robinson

    38 clips
  • Circa 1945 a portrait of the brooklyn dodgers infielder jackie in picture id3203656?s=170x170

    UNS: 31st January 1919 - Baseball's Jackie Robinson Is Born

    25 images
  •  video id878 119?s=170x170

    UNS: Black History Month: Politics

    24 clips
  • People picketing outside of woolworth store civil rights activists video id134271806?s=170x170

    UNS: Black History Month: Society

    48 clips
  • Africanamerican boxer jack johnson shadowboxes in ring johnson smiles video id502166856?s=170x170

    UNS: Black History Month: Sports

    20 clips
  • Title first moscow films us cast gives porgy and bess superimposed video id1074916550?s=170x170

    UNS: Black History Month: The Arts

    31 clips
  • Model wearing fisher fur coat of horizontal skins nutbrown hip length picture id973489484?s=170x170

    UNS: Wrapping Up Warm With Conde Nast

    18 images
  • Portrait of american author james baldwin new york new york 1975 picture id973461462?s=170x170

    USA: In Profile - Author James Baldwin

    13 images

February 01, 2019 (4 events)

  • February 1979 people are waiting for khomeinis arrival from paris picture id163910054?s=170x170

    IRN: OTD 1st February 1979 - Ayatollah Khomeini Returns To Iran

    11 images
  • Portrait of dutch painter piet mondrian leaning on his easel january picture id53466131?s=170x170

    NY: 1st February 1944 - Artist Piet Mondrian Dies

    17 images
  • The crew of space shuttle columbias mission sts107 take a break from picture id2911984?s=170x170

    UNS: 1st February 2003 - The Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster

    20 images
  • Model wearing suit and hat both by dior picture id511507944?s=170x170

    UNS: In Profile: Dior Fashions

    49 images

February 02, 2019 (2 events)

  • Model christie brinkley wearing venetianblind sunglasses by rd picture id511136290?s=170x170

    UNS: 2nd February 1954 - Super Model Christie Brinkley Born

    20 images
  • Singer sid vicious of the sex pistols at the electric ballroom in picture id112050108?s=170x170

    UNS: 2nd February 1979 - Sex Pistol Sid Vicious Found Dead

    25 images

February 03, 2019 (2 events)

  • Group of men view of the wreckage of a beechcraft bonanza airplane in picture id52071646?s=170x170

    IA: 3rd February 1959 - "The Day the Music Died." Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, & the Big Bopper Die in a Plane Crash

    19 images
  • Photo shows painter norman rockwell seated in front of one of his picture id530844364?s=170x170

    UNS: 3rd February 1894 - US Illustrator Norman Rockwell Born

    18 images

February 04, 2019 (2 events)

  • Facebook ceo mark zuckerberg speaks during a news conference at 6 picture id118313234?s=170x170

    UNS: 4th February 2004 - 15 Years Since Facebook Launched

    35 images
  • Skyline view looking north from 15th street with brick buildings and picture id1097566940?s=170x170

    UNS: New To The Archives: Photographer Jerome Liebling

    70 images

February 05, 2019 (4 events)

  • Film maker dw griffith reviews the contract of actress mary pickford picture id517286544?s=170x170

    CA: 5th February 1919 - United Artists Founded by Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, & D.W. Griffith

    17 images
  •  video id2004 233?s=170x170

    UNS: 100 years Since United Artists Founded by Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, & D.W. Griffith

    1 clip
  • Actress marilyn monroe then known as norma jeane mortenson poses for picture id1092928698?s=170x170

    UNS: New Finds From The Archive: January Highlights

    100 images
  • Kristoff st john stars as neil winters in the cbs daytime drama the picture id53399481?s=170x170

    UNS: RIP: Names We Lost In February

    21 images

February 06, 2019 (1 event)

  • Photo of bob marley performing live onstage dreadlocks editorial use picture id85354374?s=170x170

    UNS: 6th February 1945 - Musician Bob Marley Is Born

    39 images

February 07, 2019 (2 events)

  • Reds outfielder frank robinson picture id515021806?s=170x170

    UNS: Baseball Hall Of Famer Frank Robinson Dies At 83

    34 images
  • Male model lounging on a beach in front of a jeep and a police a picture id511136566?s=170x170

    UNS: In Search Of Winter Sun With Conde Nast

    16 images

February 08, 2019 (2 events)

  • February 1961 british film and stage actor albert finney enjoying a picture id3171984?s=170x170

    UNS: In Profile - Albert Finney Dies at 82

    36 images
  • Guitarist robby krieger singer jim morrison drummer john densmore and picture id73907365?s=170x170

    UNS: Photographer Profile: Don Paulsen

    52 images

February 11, 2019 (2 events)

  • Group of men carrying arms and ammunitions raise their hands while picture id957403680?s=170x170

    IRN: 11th February 1979 - Iranian Revolution Ends

    63 images
  • Pictured jennifer aniston as rachel green picture id138427198?s=170x170

    UNS: 11th February 1969 - Jennifer Aniston Born On This Day

    15 images

February 12, 2019 (2 events)

  • Sport football 1970 world cup finals guadalajara mexico brazil 1 v 0 picture id79032765?s=170x170

    UNS: In Profile: England's 1966 World Cup-Winning Goalkeeper Gordon Banks Dies At 81

    92 images
  • An italian woman driving a ferrari in milan italy with neon lights picture id585833940?s=170x170

    UNS: The Warm Vintage Glow Of Neon

    20 images

February 13, 2019 (1 event)

  • The notorious kowloon walled city with 40000 residents is going to be picture id1096406140?s=170x170

    UNS: EXCLUSIVE New To Getty Images: The South China Morning Post Collection

    228 images

February 14, 2019 (3 events)

  • Men holdings shotguns and other men with hands raised viewed in of picture id138148470?s=170x170

    IL: 14th February 1929 - St. Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago

    25 images
  • Couple kissing each other about 1910 fancy postcard picture id56234438?s=170x170

    UNS: What's In An Archive Kiss?

    30 images
  • Vocalistguitarist sister rosetta tharpe poses for a portrait holding picture id74297770?s=170x170

    USA: In Profile: Sister Rosetta Tharpe

    11 images

February 15, 2019 (3 events)

  • Rebel leader fidel castro being cheered by a village crowd on his picture id50382534?s=170x170

    CUB: 15th February 1959 - Fidel Castro Sworn In As Cuban President

    16 images
  • The last soviet soldiers leave kabul afghanistan in february 1989 picture id108558524?s=170x170

    UNS: 15th February 1989 - Soviet Troops Left Afghanistan, A Look Back

    29 images
  • Portrait of singeractress dorothy dandridge picture id50717825?s=170x170

    USA: In Profile: Dorothy Dandridge

    20 images

February 17, 2019 (1 event)

  • Publicity still from the film cabin in the sky starring lena horne picture id696931440?s=170x170

    USA: In Profile: Musical "A Cabin In The Sky"

    10 images

February 18, 2019 (2 events)

  • View of the church of scientology los angeles buidling on sunset picture id487780878?s=170x170

    CA: 65 Years Since the Church of Scientology Founded

    25 images
  • John travolta and his son benjamin travolta and hiw wife kelly the picture id958986378?s=170x170

    UNS: Happy 65th Birthday John Travolta

    19 images

February 20, 2019 (1 event)


February 22, 2019 (1 event)

  • Robert kardashian in his office during the trial of oj simpson picture id523045927?s=170x170

    UNS: 75 Years Since the Birth of the Kardashian Family Patriach, Lawyer Robert Kardashian

    21 images

February 25, 2019 (1 event)

  • Frederick west who is suspected of killing thirteen women and girls picture id793003717?s=170x170

    GBR: 25th February 1994 - 25 Years Since Serial Killer Frederick West Arrested

    18 images

February 26, 2019 (1 event)

  • Young native american boy learns the eagle dance in grand canyon picture id467387375?s=170x170

    UNS: 100 Years Since Grand Canyon National Park Established

    37 images

February 27, 2019 (2 events)

  • Portrait of the american actress elizabeth taylor in 1969 when in picture id104409463?s=170x170

    UNS: 27th February 1932 - Actress Elizabeth Taylor Is Born

    21 images
  • Film elizabeth taylor dies aged 79 2731961 bw footage taylor being video id655509706?s=170x170

    UNS: 27th February 1932 - Actress Elizabeth Taylor Is Born

    43 clips

March 01, 2019 (2 events)

  • Singersongwriter justin bieber attends the 2014 young hollywood to picture id452816022?s=170x170

    UNS: (FILE) Justin Bieber Turns 25

    25 images
  •  picture id583897708?s=170x170

    UNS: Happy 50th Birthday, Javier Bardem

    18 images

March 02, 2019 (2 events)

  • In 1959 the supersonic transport aircraft committee recommended the picture id90744382?s=170x170

    UNS: (FILE) 50 Years Since Concorde's Inaugural Test Flight

    25 images
  • The flight crew of concorde 001 prepare the craft for its maiden video id1b012296 0014?s=170x170

    UNS: 50 Years Since Concorde's Inaugural Test Flight

    4 clips